How nicely it writen in the book “Stop Worrying and Start Living by Sir. Dale Carnegie”

It is 100% true,

But still 20% of people only knows this and rest 80% are not aware about this.

“Why we believe in others?”

“Can we not believe in ourself?”

Or,we are too lazy to think about all this…


Believe in Yourself

This is true,No one in this world is better than you.The thing is you have to go in front of a mirror and see yourself for 10 minutes and think only about you like,Why do you go in front of mirror to see yourself?

Your answer is just to see myself how is my looks today,Most of the people see only this in the mirror but you need to improve this.Let me tell you how to improve this?

First of all when you go in front of a mirror you just ask to your image, why are you staring at me ?

His Answer is simple,You are my only competitor so whenever you come in front of you i only look at you.

How nice it is,you are the only competitor for him then why do you think that you are a loser in your life,I am not telling anyone personally but this is a common reason now a days.

If he can think you are the only competition for him then you can also think there is no competition better than yourself.

“You are the only competitor of yourself.”

And Believe in this,you never lose in your life ever.

And one more thing i want to say

“There is no one in this world who can save you.You are the only person that can save you.”